Birkdale Bible Fellowship. 

Evangelical Church 

Special meetings and P.W.M.I. meetings and announcements ;

Answers in Genesis and P.W.M.I. meetings coming soon to B.B.F. Please watch this space.

Saturday Fellowship Day   Sat. 28.04.18  10am-1pm.  Separate Ladies and Mens meetings. All Welcome.

Trinitarian Bible Society coming to Bethesda- Founded in 1831 for the circulation of Protestant and Uncorrupted Versions of the Word of God. Some of the aims of this organisation are to promote Bible translations which are accurate and trustworthy. (This meeting has been arranged by Bethesda Chapel).  Wednesday 31st October 2018. 7.30pm.
Wednesday March 21st 2018.  7.30pm. Speaker Dr. John Piper.
'The Spring Festivals' Their Past, Present and Future Significance.
All Welcome, refreshments provided.

Please note, speakers and meetings may be subject to change.